About Briscas

Briscas, is based on the popular Spanish card game Brisca. This Italian variant of Briscola, is played by kids and adults all over the world, with dominance in Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Italy and other countries. Although, this version is currently developed for this nitch market, future releases will feature introductory gameplay mechanics that will appeal to new gamers. aims to become the one-stop destination for Briscas fans, with online tutorials, videos, leaderboards and multiplayer features.

About Pordiversion

Pordiversion Inc., developer of Briscas, is an independent development studio with experience in interactive media for the educational and advertising industry. After several success stories, Pordiversion focused on the development of entertainment software. Using creativity over technology as the driving tool for development, the company manages all aspects of their productions, minimizing costs without sacrificing quality nor deadlines. More information about the company and its projects can be found at

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